Private Lessons

Studio Information

Our private lesson rates are $70 per hour at our studio located near Murray Blvd and Walker Rd in Beaverton, Oregon.

We welcome new students year-round. We teach in flexible 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots and accept students at any level (beginning, intermediate, advanced).

Teaching Philosophy

We approach each student as an individual and ask them for their goals and desires for learning music through the flute. As private instructors, we have the privilege of meeting each student at whatever level they walk in the door and launching them into the flute. Some students will move quite rapidly and some students need a safe place to explore their musicianship at their own pace. We respect and enjoy teaching at these levels and all levels in between.

We believe music literacy is essential and will always play a sight-read duet in every lesson progressively more challenging each lesson. We also spend time working on tone, technique and repertoire. Each lesson is unique as is each student; some days we are successful at mastering a technique and other days we dive into music history to understand the music notation. The opportunities for learning something new are endless and we strive to make sure each student leaves the lesson confident in their playing, and interested in learning more.

Before the global pandemic in 2020, we offered video lessons only occasionally. During the pandemic, all lessons were taught online. We learned that it is possible to have productive lessons online and for some, this may be the only way to receive regular lessons. For this reason, we have continued to offer online lessons in addition to in person lessons.

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